Break the silence that surrounds Bullying at work

Break The Silence is what we are all about – a campaign news and support service for victims of bullying and harassment to come forward and describe what happened / is happening to them and how it made / makes them feel.

We were set up to help victims of bullying at work, about 10% of all
employees (2.5 to 3 million people) are bullied every working day, but we know
there are victims of other kinds of harassment and they are welcome to speak

We know it is time more effort was made to stop the bullying and harassment
at work. We feel that if more people spoke out about their own experiences and
what they have witnessed at first hand this would help break the silence that
surrounds bullying and harassment in all its guises.

The effects of bullying are spread widely throughout our communities, take
the example of workplace bullying where there are 3 million victims, this also
affects witnesses of bullying and family members of victims of bullying too –
so we maybe talking about 10 million people feeling the effects of workplace
bullying alone!

Bullying thrives in the workplace because the conspiracy of silence allows
bullying to continue. Silence is like nourishment for the bullies.

The silence of the victims is bad but understandable, but the silence of
witnesses is less understandable – they could speak out and remain anonymous if they wished. In the workplace the silence (and blindness) of human resources
staff, Unions and senior managers of places where bullying exists, but no
action taken against bullies, shows a level of cowardice that is beyond

Victims of bullying also have to endure the conspiracy of silence of the
media and politicians – victims of bullying live in misery and sometimes commit
suicide – it is time to speak out and demand that bullying stops.


We want people to become self-empowered so we encourage them to COME OUT as victims of bullying (I am a bully victim and I’m not ashamed!) and have their experiences published on our blogsite.

We will organise BULLIED PRIDE processions, similar to Gay Pride and Mad
Pride, of people who have come out on the bully issue.

We want to set up community based support groups so that through gaining
knowledge of their rights they can help other people who experience abuse and


Also we campaign for a change in the law to outlaw bullying and harassment
at work plus change the Protection from Harassment Act to protect genuine
harassed individuals and scrap the catch-all sections of the Act that attacks
protestors’ rights.

Please contact us if you want to help or need further information.


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