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We are a community based, non-profit making advice, support and information service for people suffering harassment, bullying or stalking or other rights abuses at work or in the community.

As an independent community based service we communicate and advocate at street level to help targets of harassment or bullying by employers’ managers or co-workers, gangs, landlords, public authorities etc..

Our purpose is to make a lasting difference to sufferers of abuse and rights violations and try to reduce stigma and isolation for them and to encourage them to participate more fully in the wider community.

The project would be a first port of call for abused and bullied people and will have a sympathetic approach to sufferers of harassment and other rights abuses. The project will be unique in that, although Citizen’s Advice, Police, lawyers etc cover some aspects of bullying LAHSA will be able to give more specialist and better-targeted support to help overcome the results of abuse.