Bully Crime


I’ve been a victim of workplace bullying for many years and I’m convinced
bullying at work has seriously downgraded the quality of my life.

There appears to be no nationwide anti-bullying campaign in the UK. The
USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia (to name but a few) have national
campaigns against workplace bullying, but after exhaustive searching online I
have failed to come across a similar UK campaign.

I mean of course a campaign that gets in the news, gets out on the streets,
organises actions in the workplace and a campaign which wants to make bullying
at work a crime – to mirror the Australian campaign.

If there is a national campaign then it is keeping a very low profile.
Because of the lack of action in the UK I want to launch the MAKE BULLYING IS A CRIME campaign.

This campaign has been launched by Luton Anti-Harassment Support & Advice the main aims of which include:

1. Make bullying at work a crime.

2. Have compulsory anti-bullying training for all workplace managers.

3. Better and effective support by Trade Unions, human resources and
co-workers for targets of bullying.

4. Have union members who bully at work suspended from membership until
they cease bullying behaviour.

5. When bullying or harassment has been proved against a bully employee
that employee is sacked for gross misconduct.

6. All employees undergo anti-bullying training as part of their induction
into the organisation, with emphasis on how best to treat fellow workers with
respect, dignity and understanding – any employee who refuses to undergo such
training to have their contract terminated.

7. Have a completely separate grievance procedure for workplace bullying,
geared to oust the bully and put in place guarantees that the target is not
later victimised for bringing a case against a bullying manager.

8. Name and shame either the bully employee or the organisation that allows
bullying but does nothing to stop it.

9. Provide online factsheets and other advice to targets of bullying via
website called: https://antiharassment.wordpress.com

10. Create a worldwide network of anti-bullying organisations.

Please let me have your comments or
any additional ideas and answer via the email address: antiharassment@btinternet.com or
leave a comment here.


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